Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies

Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies

However, trucking accidents in Texas often involve multiple parties. When a negligent truck driver is responsible for a wreck, both the trucker and their employer can be held civilly liable for the results of a tractor-trailer crash in San Antonio, or anywhere else in Texas. Even though the trucking company was not directly involved in the accident, they will bear vicarious liability for the accident due to the legal notion of “respondeat superior.” Latin for “let the master answer,” this legal doctrine in Texas law holds that an employer is held liable for the negligent actions of an employee so long as such actions occurred in the course of their employment. traffic accident lawyersMore info here @

Such liability exists with an employer regardless of whether or not the employer was specifically negligent in any way. Further complicating legal matters in the aftermath of a Texas trucking accident, a liable trucking company will, more often than not, also hold a substantial insurance policy on their fleet. Consequently, an 18-wheeler accident personal injury case or wrongful death lawsuit will likely involve three defendants from the very outset: a truck driver, a trucking company, and a trucking company’s insurer. Specific cases must be constructed against each unique entity so that an aggrieved party can stand to receive fair compensation for their injury or loss.

Cargo-Loading Companies, Route-Planning Companies, Product Manufacturers

On the other hand, some semi-truck accidents are not the fault of a truck driver. For instance, some trucking companies utilize the services of other companies in order to accomplish specific work-related tasks. An outside cargo-loading company may be used to both load and secure cargo onto a truck. If such loading is performed negligently, or cargo is not properly secured, and an 18-wheeler rollover accident occurs resulting in injury or death, whether to the truck driver, a truck passenger, or a person in another vehicle, the cargo-loading company can be held liable for the accident. Route-planning companies are also routinely used by commercial trucking companies. If a truck driver follows a prescribed route and strikes an environmental hazard, or suffers an accident due to following the route, the mapping company could bear liability for the wreck. Furthermore, a product liability lawsuit may be brought against a product manufacturer if a mechanical issue, caused by a defective product, leads to an injury accident or a fatal 18-wheeler accident. However, if a faulty part contributes to an accident, the entity tasked with proper maintenance of the truck may be held liable. Such an entity may or may not be the trucking company itself.
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Assessing Liability Requires an Exhaustive Investigation

Regardless of who may be ultimately responsible for a semi-truck accident, a thorough investigation must be made into the accident site in order to determine who the liable parties are. Liability cannot be properly assessed without the work of such an investigation, especially in regard to 18-wheeler accidents that are likely to have multiple liable parties. Lesser experienced attorneys with little to no experience in trucking accident cases may not know what to look for in an 18-wheeler accident site, or even know to look for the possible involvement of other parties that may not have been directly involved in the wreck. Our truck accident lawyers have two decades of experience in 18-wheeler accident cases. With investigative resources at their disposal, the team at our firm will work hard to ensure that all liable parties are identified so that they can be held accountable for the injury or loss they’ve caused you. Discovering the liable parties is an integral part of any civil action since each liable party will be held responsible for awarding their fair share of compensation to an injured victim or a bereaved family should an aggrieved party receive a favorable outcome to their legal pursuit.

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