Competent Representation For Speeding Tickets

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Competent Representation For Speeding Tickets

Our office has been taking Vehicle & Traffic law cases for over 20 years. We represent clients in courts throughout almost the entire state of Texas. We have handled thousands of cases and listened to the accounts of thousands more motorists who have been pulled over for violating local traffic laws. We have argued and negotiated with the very State Troopers and other law enforcement agents who are responsible for prosecuting these cases. I mention this not as a bragging point, but to give some idea of our credibility regarding what traffic violations lawyer

I’m about to explain.
An officer has full discretion to issue a warning and send you on your way OR to write the ticket, but there are several factors that may be considered and eventually determine what happens.

Why You Are Being Stopped
If you are pulled over for making a right-hand turn without signaling, you are much more likely to get a break than someone street racing at 100+mph in a school zone. Vehicle & Traffic laws (which include speeding and signaling) are put in place to provide order and safety to everyone on the road. If you are caught doing something that is particularly egregious or puts other people in danger, law enforcement officers are not going to be amused. In our experience, these public servants take their jobs very seriously and will not hesitate to prosecute to the full extent of the law, especially when it involves someone who appears to have no regard for the law or its officials. This brings us to our next point.

Your Attitude & Excuses
Don’t tell the officer that you have a meeting to attend, are late to a funeral, or are just trying to get to the next exit to find a bathroom. They’ve heard it all. Even if it is true, stop for a minute and think about how many excuses and outright lies these officers hear every single day. Most Troopers appreciate a good attitude and some good old-fashioned honesty. They are not in the business of issuing false tickets (although it does happen) and they are not just there to collect revenue (although that may be part of it). Either way, when you get pulled over, the brief moment you have to interact with the officer at the window is not the time to “put up your dukes” and start a crusade against the Vehicle & Traffic laws. If you got caught, accept your ticket and learn about the great system Texas state has for reducing or waiving your charges. If you want a fight, save it for later and hire a lawyer. If you want a warning, keep your self-righteous attitude and excuses to yourself. Officers are much more likely to give warnings to citizens that are cooperative, courteous, and in some cases, candid.

Your Driving History
It may be somewhat of a Catch 22, but if you already have a clean driving history you are more likely to keep it that way. Drivers with no points have an easier time securing reductions on their tickets and qualifying for diversion programs that provide for outright dismissal of charges. In fact, many Traffic Diversion Programs require you to have no speeding ticket convictions in the past 18 months in order to even qualify. When you get pulled over, the officer can do a quick search of your driving history – and may do so before you’re even stopped. If your license is suspended, if you have recently pleaded guilty to a traffic offense (especially if it was the same law for which you are being pulled over), or if you already have points, you are much less likely to get a warning. A bad driving history says that you are a problematic driver, putting people in danger and/or disregarding state traffic law. If that seems like the case, don’t count on getting a break.

No Luck With a Warning? There is Still Hope
Fortunately, even if you don’t get a warning you can still probably get a reduction or even have your ticket dismissed. The State of Texas requires that you answer your ticket with a plea of Guilty or Not Guilty before any penalties like fines and points are assigned. In most cases, you can hire an attorney to apply for a reduction of your charges and save a ton of money and keep your driving history clean. Some counties have Defensive Driving programs. These programs will guarantee a dismissal of your charges if you complete the requirements (and can qualify). Most require you to pay a fee and take a defensive driving course.

Remember, if you feel that you are not guilty of the charges entered against you, you have the right to demand a trial. You will be able to face your accuser and testify before the judge that you were not speeding. When attending court, be sure to dress appropriately and be respectful. Your attorney should be able to advise you on everything else. If you’re still shopping for attorneys, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to take a few minutes to get to know your case and give you an honest quote and evaluation.

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Unrestrained Kiddos In The Backseat Will Get You A Ticket

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Unrestrained Kiddos In The Backseat Will Get You A Ticket

Texas Troopers say they issued 141 tickets to motorists for having unrestrained or improperly restrained children in their vehicles found during a weekend traffic detail at a state park. They say the checkpoint Sunday morning at the entrance to the park showed youngsters lacking required child seats, booster seats, seatbelts, or some combination of those. Drivers were issued tickets. State police say the checkpoint tickets are part of a summer-long effort to ensure the safety of children in vehicles. traffic violations lawyer san Antonio

Coasting down the tree-lined parkway a State Trooper scans his eyes from driver to driver, on the prowl for people violating the state’s ban on using cell phones behind the wheel. “Got one,” he announces. Within a moment, he triggers a switch, and the red and blue lights of his unmarked police SUV illuminate. He changes lanes and signals to the driver of the Ford E-250 to pull over. The driver throws his hands up in exasperation, hurriedly tossing his cell phone to the passenger seat. The attempt to conceal his phone is in vain, as are his desperate arguments that the call was for work. The officer issues him a citation. He is on the front lines of a state crackdown on distracted driving. As a two-hour ride in his vehicle on a recent afternoon made clear, he is in a target-rich environment. Even as many drivers now understand that phone use while behind the wheel is dangerous, they feel powerless to resist in the face of work and social pressures that demand connectivity. “It’s so second nature for people to use their phones,” he said. “It’s like a new appendage.” In a mere two hours on he ticketed nine drivers. Six said they were using their phone for work. Reactions ranged from resentment to resignation, although some drivers offered bizarre explanations for their phone use. One young woman driving a Honda Odyssey had her eyes glued to her phone’s GPS. She had a corpse and casket in the back of the car.

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Thorough knowledge of traffic laws sets auto accident attorneys apart from lawyers who do not handle much auto accident personal injury work.

But that is only half of the equation. Auto accident personal injury lawyers are very knowledgeable and experienced about personal injuries that are sustained in auto accidents. Neck and back injuries are very common in an auto accident as well as head and brain injuries (concussions.) Auto accident personal injury collisions can also result in broken bones.
If you were involved in a very serious auto accident personal injury collision, and someone was ejected from the vehicle, broken bones and other very serious injuries are unfortunately too common. Experienced auto accident attorneys will know what to look for in cases involving these sorts of injuries, and how to position the case for maximum value.

In every auto accident personal injury case, obtaining the police report and witness statements can mean the difference between winning your auto accident personal injury case or losing it. While at the scene of your crash, you should always consider getting the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses who served the crash if you are able. Obviously, if you have been severely injured in the crash, obtaining this information may be difficult or impossible. This is where experienced auto accident personal injury lawyers come in. Good auto accident attorneys can and do hire investigators to obtain information that you are unable to. accident attorneys – personal injury lawyers
If you are a loved one who has been involved in an auto accident personal injury, your primary concern should be getting appropriate medical care and trying to get better.

Hiring an auto accident personal injury lawyer allows you to do that because your lawyer will take care of all details. You will not have to talk to the car insurance company about your injuries and how you are feeling once you are represented by a lawyer.

Consultations are always free. You can call the auto accident personal injury lawyer whenever you feel like it and discuss your case over the telephone or in person. Whatever you prefer is fine. There is no cost or obligation for talking to the auto accident attorneys. This way, you can get all of your questions answered and regain some peace of mind.

Auto Accident Personal Injury

There is no charge or attorney’s fee unless you hire the auto accident personal injury lawyer and they win your case. Winning your case means a settlement or verdict in your case. This way, no money comes out of your pocket until the case is resolved.

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