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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Were You Hurt In A Motor Vehicle Accident?
If you were recently harmed in a motor vehicle accident, it’s understandable that you’re feeling overwhelmed. Between auto repairs, the cost of medical treatment, and missed days at work, you’ve likely had no time to consider your legal options. That’s where an attorney can accident attorneys dallas

An auto accident lawyer understands that a serious crash has the capacity to affect every area of your life, and it’s the goal of your legal representative to mitigate those impacts. No matter what type of motor vehicle accident you were in, an attorney can advocate for your rights.

To explore your legal options after a crash, contact our car accident lawyers.

Not All Victims Are Motorists

When most people think of an accident, they think of a car crash. While this is the most common type of accident in Texas, it’s not the only one. Other traffic incidents include:

Motorcycle accidents, which are often the most dangerous of collisions
Truck accidents, frequently caused by violations of commercial vehicle laws
Pedestrian accidents, often resulting from a motorist’s failure to yield
Bicycle accidents, which can lead to severe injuries as bikes offer little protection
The type of accident you were involved in can influence many factors of your case, including the level of compensation to which you may be entitled. A personal injury lawyer will have experience representing victims of all kinds of accidents. He or she will understand what steps can be taken to demonstrate that a responsible party is liable for the incident that has caused you harm.

In addition to the legal knowledge and courtroom experience that an attorney can bring to your case, your representative will have access to investigative resources that can be helpful in making a compelling personal injury case on your behalf.

Helping Victims Recover

Any accident can create stress on a family, but one caused by the reckless actions of another party can be especially traumatic. An experienced lawyer can help to ease your worries by simplifying the legal process. Your legal representative will understand Texas law and know how it may impact your case. Based on the details of your accident, your attorney can counsel you on which legal recourse is right for you.

Any kind of traffic accident can result in serious injury and significant financial burden. If you’re concerned about the bills piling up after a crash, a lawyer can help. Don’t jeopardize your future; let a personal injury attorney advocate for your legal rights today.

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Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies

Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies

However, trucking accidents in Texas often involve multiple parties. When a negligent truck driver is responsible for a wreck, both the trucker and their employer can be held civilly liable for the results of a tractor-trailer crash in San Antonio, or anywhere else in Texas. Even though the trucking company was not directly involved in the accident, they will bear vicarious liability for the accident due to the legal notion of “respondeat superior.” Latin for “let the master answer,” this legal doctrine in Texas law holds that an employer is held liable for the negligent actions of an employee so long as such actions occurred in the course of their employment. traffic accident lawyersMore info here @

Such liability exists with an employer regardless of whether or not the employer was specifically negligent in any way. Further complicating legal matters in the aftermath of a Texas trucking accident, a liable trucking company will, more often than not, also hold a substantial insurance policy on their fleet. Consequently, an 18-wheeler accident personal injury case or wrongful death lawsuit will likely involve three defendants from the very outset: a truck driver, a trucking company, and a trucking company’s insurer. Specific cases must be constructed against each unique entity so that an aggrieved party can stand to receive fair compensation for their injury or loss.

Cargo-Loading Companies, Route-Planning Companies, Product Manufacturers

On the other hand, some semi-truck accidents are not the fault of a truck driver. For instance, some trucking companies utilize the services of other companies in order to accomplish specific work-related tasks. An outside cargo-loading company may be used to both load and secure cargo onto a truck. If such loading is performed negligently, or cargo is not properly secured, and an 18-wheeler rollover accident occurs resulting in injury or death, whether to the truck driver, a truck passenger, or a person in another vehicle, the cargo-loading company can be held liable for the accident. Route-planning companies are also routinely used by commercial trucking companies. If a truck driver follows a prescribed route and strikes an environmental hazard, or suffers an accident due to following the route, the mapping company could bear liability for the wreck. Furthermore, a product liability lawsuit may be brought against a product manufacturer if a mechanical issue, caused by a defective product, leads to an injury accident or a fatal 18-wheeler accident. However, if a faulty part contributes to an accident, the entity tasked with proper maintenance of the truck may be held liable. Such an entity may or may not be the trucking company itself.
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Assessing Liability Requires an Exhaustive Investigation

Regardless of who may be ultimately responsible for a semi-truck accident, a thorough investigation must be made into the accident site in order to determine who the liable parties are. Liability cannot be properly assessed without the work of such an investigation, especially in regard to 18-wheeler accidents that are likely to have multiple liable parties. Lesser experienced attorneys with little to no experience in trucking accident cases may not know what to look for in an 18-wheeler accident site, or even know to look for the possible involvement of other parties that may not have been directly involved in the wreck. Our truck accident lawyers have two decades of experience in 18-wheeler accident cases. With investigative resources at their disposal, the team at our firm will work hard to ensure that all liable parties are identified so that they can be held accountable for the injury or loss they’ve caused you. Discovering the liable parties is an integral part of any civil action since each liable party will be held responsible for awarding their fair share of compensation to an injured victim or a bereaved family should an aggrieved party receive a favorable outcome to their legal pursuit.

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Personal Injury Attorneys

If have ever known anyone who has had to go through a personal injury lawsuit, you have probably heard that it took a really long time. Court cases can last a few months or stretch into a few years. Did you ever wonder why it takes so long? One of the reasons is that each side will have a car accident lawyer working on behalf of their respective clients. A good lawyer will keep you informed at all stages of the process during your case. You should never feel that you are bothering your lawyer for an update, nor should you be left out of important information and accident attorneys south Texas

Immediately following a car accident, you will be asked to meet with your lawyer and make a statement as to your side of the story. You will also probably have to give a deposition to the opposing side and answer the same questions. Your lawyer is a skilled professional in these types of meetings, he has probably done hundreds of them. Your lawyer will be there every step of the way and will not allow you to answer any questions that may damage your case. A deposition also gives an indication as to the direction in which the future case will go. If you go alone, you could miss these vital clues which could be devastating to your case.

You may think that this is a simple meeting; the two sides get together and compare damages and liability. One of the procedures that your lawyer will perform after any car accident is to thoroughly investigate the other driver. This is where the other party’s previous driving record, health, age, and any other pertinent information must be researched. The other side will be doing the same thing to you. Their lawyer will talk to your attorney and they can both get a feel for where the case is going. If only you are talking to the other driver’s lawyer, the conversation will be decidedly one-sided and more than likely not in your favor.

Lawyer in Texas

Some of the other things that happen between meetings with your lawyer are the investigation of the accident site and research into accident statistics in your area and at the scene. Without having these important details, yo

car accident attorneys

u might miss vital information for your case. It has been found in many cities that street lighting, stop signs and traffic signals have not been properly maintained or have even been allowed to become non-functional. Suppose your lawyer discovered that several accidents similar to yours have occurred at the same intersection and city officials have known and done nothing about it? What if next time someone is killed at the same intersection?

If there are serious injuries in a car accident there will be a lot of time spent behind the scenes by your lawyer to obtain doctor’s statements, toxicology reports and the impressions of the responding police and emergency personnel. In some cases, a policeman may suspect a driver is under the influence, but tests are not taken due to injuries or other circumstances at the scene. A skilled lawyer will investigate these statements and find that possibly, the other driver was drunk.

Particularly if there are conflicting stories as to the cause and the details of an accident, your lawyer may employ a private investigator to uncover anything that may be helpful to you and bolster your case. Many times exaggerated claims of injuries are debunked in this way. In one case, a man was claiming that he was permanently disabled and couldn’t work. The investigator followed him around and videotaped him bowling every week! You could never have discovered this on your own. This is why the services of a reputable lawyer are invaluable.

Car Accident Lawyers in San Antonio

If you are looking for a skilled lawyer in Texas please call our Law Office for more information that will assist you in your search for a personal injury lawyer. We will be happy to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with you to discuss all the details of your case and get it off to a good start.

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