What defines a”Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Traffic offense” and how do I know if I need legal counsel?

No arrest is a minor arrest if you, a family member, or friend is charged
with an offense. Therefore, it is
critical that you have an experienced
attorney who can speak for you.

In virtually all states, a conviction for DUI (driving under the influence) can have very severe and long-lasted consequences ranging from heavy fines and loss of driving privileges to an imposition of significant time in prison.

For example, in Pennsylvania, intoxication or impairment can be proven in one of two ways:

Blood alcohol level in excess of 0.08 for adults.
Blood alcohol level in excess of 0.04 for an individual driving a commercial vehicle.
Blood alcohol level in excess of 0.02 for an individual driving a school bus or school vehicle.
Blood alcohol level in excess of 0.02 for minors under the age of 21
Proof that the driver or operator was impaired from the use of alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs
You should not face a DUI arrest without experienced legal counsel. Do you know your rights? Gultanoff and Associates understands that your driver’s license is often essential to your life.

Traffic laws, however, vary from state to state; do you know what to do:

If you refuse to sign a traffic ticket?
After you receive a traffic ticket?
If you receive ‘points’ against your license?
If your license is revoked or suspended?
If you approach a checkpoint or roadblock?
If you are pulled over and the officer requests to search your vehicle?

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